Osteoporosis paper

Osteoporosis Paper

There are several reasons why osteoporosis is more common in women.75% of all hip osteoporosis occurs in women.This results hormonal changes, deficiency of calcium, or vitamin D.Osteoporosis is the most common bone disease in humans, representing a major public health problem 1.For, a bone is actually a living tissue, which is constantly being remodeled Osteoporosis is a medical condition when the bones become brittle and fragile from the loss of tissue.68 percent of the 44 million people in the USA who are at risk for osteoporosis are women.1 Osteoporosis Medical Definition.The annual cost attributable to hip, vertebral, and wrist fractures in England and Wales is £1.The bone is created and osteoporosis paper old bone is broken down The study which targeted postmenopausal women who are at high risk for primary osteoporosis found that if any of the following is true, TST.Thus, the common perception that bones are inert structures, like wooden beams, is incorrect.Osteoporosis is a form of ill health in which bones becomes weak, and the affected is more likely to break some joints.Significant mortality and morbidity are associated with osteoporotic fractures.The condition does not have symptoms, and one may not know when he or she is ill of the ailment.One out of 2 women will suffer from an osteoporosis related fracture in their lifetime.Osteoporosis is a disease that is characterized by low bone mass, deterioration of bone tissue, and disruption of bone microarchitecture: it can lead to compromised bone strength and an increase in the risk of fractures ().Osteoporosis is a disease in which bones become fragile and are, therefore, more likely to break (NOF, 2004).Becoming weaker is not an apparent show of the disease unless one breaks a osteoporosis paper bone Osteoporosis is a very common disorder, which results in an increase in fracture risk.

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osteoporosis paper osteoporosis paper osteoporosis paper