Coming Out to My Ancestors

I often wonder what my ancestors would think of me. This comic is one in a series exploring my imagined relationship with my great grandmothers (as well as my relationship to inherited trauma). GG and Rose are part fiction and part based on known relatives and family stories. Our relationship is imperfect, and they often give me bad advice – just like alive humans. 

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Megan J. Smith is an illustrator based in Western Massachusetts. They had no formal arts education and credit their grandmother Sylvia with teaching them to paint at an early age. Their work explores themes of Jewish identity, ancestry, queerness, and longing. In 2015, Megan was the recipient of the Arts and Healing Network Award for Arts and Social Change. Their work was also displayed in 2016 in partnership with the Amplifier Foundation and the Women’s March on Washington at the Center for Contemporary Art in Seattle. They currently reside in Florence, MA with their partner, Clare, and 18 year-old cat/soulmate, Boxer.