Something Looks Different Around Here!

Psst! Hi. Welcome to the new If things look a little cleaner, clearer and simpler around here, that’s because we’ve finally relaunched our website to match the new and thrilling era of Lilith: the magazine, the website, the (now virtual and soon, in-person) experience. 

This is a Beta version of the new site, so we’re not “official” yet. And that’s where you come in. Here’s some fun things to do to help us test drive our new online home.

  • Read the site on your phone or tablet and share a piece with a friend via text.
  • Browse our gorgeous archives from the very beginning and check out our curated (and rotating) “Classic Lilith” section. 
  • Finally, check out our Lilith Live! page for salons, parties, artist talks and more. We’ve got so much going on it’s hard to keep track.

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Missing something you loved from the old site? Find a blooper in the archives? A broken link? It happens. Let us know at We’re so grateful for you, our community, for making everything we do a collaborative feminist effort.