What Amy Coney Barrett Means for Sex Ed

Middle schoolers are not well known for being comfortable and open when it comes to talking about sex. On my college campus at Wesleyan University, I belong to a group of students working to change this. Adolescent Sexual Health Awareness (ASHA) reinvents sex-ed curricula to go deeper than what most states require. Our mission is, in part, to “empower young people to be active participants in their sexual education and to take charge of their bodies, as well as their emotional and physical health.”

One comment on “What Amy Coney Barrett Means for Sex Ed

  1. Miriam Kalman Friedman on

    We seem to be powerless to stop the appointment of this clearly inappropriate woman. Normally, we’d be celebrating another woman being appointed to the Supreme Court. In this case, an anti-woman rights judge will set us back 50 years. There is no room for members of cults on the highest court in our system. And yet, she will be there for life because that’s the way it is. We must change this. There is no logical reason for life-time appointments for judges. There is no justice in making it hard to impeach an irresponsible, unqualified, or anti-human-rights person in any office.

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