When Home is Not a Shelter

Looking at me, you wouldn’t have guessed. I was a smart, outgoing, well-nourished, girl from a secular Jewish home, a top student at the school where I never missed a day. 

I was also a battered child.

One comment on “When Home is Not a Shelter

  1. Miriam Kalman Friedman on

    I am writing a memoir that deals with my life with a verbally abusive mother and verbally abusive first husband. This article helps free me from the guilt of telling. My mother was seen by the world as a saint. What would she say to my writing and publishing her mischief? During this Covid 19 pandemic, I am grateful to be sequestered with a wonderful, kind and dependable husband, both of us in our seventies. But my memory is long: I imagine how horrible it would be to be locked down with my former husband or my mother during teen years. I am grateful to be well (so far) but even more to be safe, loved and appreciated as a valuable human being. I look forward to reading Andrea Kott’s forthcoming memoir.

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