Desperately Seeking Yeast

On day nine of Governor Hogan’s quarantine, I embarked upon a journey to find yeast. My daughter, uprooted from her college life, had decided that she wanted to make challah for Shabbat before Passover began. What a way to connect with her faith! What a perfect project for a quarantine! What a life skill! 

My weekly trip to Whole Foods coincided with this particular Friday morning, so I armed myself with a packet of my precious stash of anti-bacterial wipes and hit the crowded store. With some clever maneuvering of my cart, I made my way to the baking aisle. No yeast to be found. 

2 comments on “Desperately Seeking Yeast

  1. amy on

    OK. Here’s what I’m wondering re: the non-foaming yeast:
    Did you get Fleischmann’s old fashioned yeast, the kind that has to be refrigerated
    or the Active Dry Yeast that’s not refrigerated and you can just combine with the flour? I’ve never waited for the Active Dry Yeast to bubble in warm water + sugar. (I’ve baked challah both ways: with the foaming traditional yeast and with the Active Dry non-foaming.) Let you daughter go forth and bake. Shabbat shalom — the last pre-Pesach opportunity for the rising of the challah.

  2. amy on

    PS Dare I ask — In your flight-of-the-bumble-bee manic mom search for yeast, did you remember that you were in Day 9 of a state quarantine? Did you social distance 6-feet from others? Was your neighbor leaving yeast in her mailbox (avoiding bodily contact) your one reminder of the new reality? (Signed) Concerned

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