How Family Separation in the Holocaust Affected My Life Forever

I am up watching the news on my phone, and I am fixated on the pictures of small children alone with tinfoil blankets in our own country’s detention centers. Caged like animals, they look alone. Huddled. Despondent.

The feeling in the pit of my stomach from seeing these beautiful children on the news hits me because I feel like I know. I don’t know what it feels to be torn from your parents at a young age, but I know what it feels like to be a child of someone torn from their parents at a young age. Because of my experience with my father who was on the kindertransport in the Holocaust, I not only feel for these children, but feel for their children and generations to come that will feel the burden of this horror.

2 comments on “How Family Separation in the Holocaust Affected My Life Forever

  1. Richard M. Waugaman, M.D. on

    Liat, you are simply amazing! You use your and your family’s traumas to make us all more aware of the unspeakable traumas that have happened, and still happen in the world, especially, now, due to Trump’s inhumanity.

  2. Ed on

    Liat, I am also the child of survivors – double whammy being born right after the war in a country which turned communist the week after I was born. We were trapped from leaving. We left finally after 11 years or waiting with 20 lbs each – to Central Europe then we emigrated you the US. Your story is similar to that of many of us children BUT I cannot and will not dabble in your ignorance about emigration you the US. My dad had the skills to work in the US we still were not allowed in until his cold cleared up! Then, HIAS who so now busy giving money away to all who sneak in here and hate this country, demanded that my dad pay them back for our voyage here on a ship, the money just as soon as we stepped foot on the soil!
    Don’t even go there dating to compare the suffering of the Jewish children and that of children whose irresponsible parents try to make the trek with them, then even give birth in the way here!!!!!

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