Thank You, AOC, for Inspiring Jews to Stand Up for Immigrants

 Let me just put it out there: As a Jew, I think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s now-notorious Instagram post on June 17 comparing the border detention centers to concentration camps was brave and magnificent.

Her use of this phrase, which some Jews seem to believe belongs to them and them alone, keeps pushing the debate forward and forces us to look squarely at what is happening as the result of Trump’s unconscionable policies: crying children being snatched out of their parents arms at the Texas border, for the “crime” of trying to cross over into a better life, and held in squalid conditions in mass detention centers. 

2 comments on “Thank You, AOC, for Inspiring Jews to Stand Up for Immigrants

  1. Sharon Grosfeld on

    As the daughter of a family of Holocaust survivors I am both relieved and grateful to this younger generation who have clearly internalized the lessons of the Holocaust. They are brave and honest and exemplify the best of humanity. While it has been a fruitless effort so far trying to persuade others taking the opposite position, particularly amongst the “2nd generation” of which I am a member, I will keep doing my part to try to change their minds. Thank you for to the inspiration.

  2. Alissa Haroush on

    Seriously? First of all, these centers were built long ago and this issue isnt a Trump issue, it is an American policy long time standin .
    Second, what about the Japanese camps in WWII in the USA? Those were much closer to the concentration camps of Germany than the ones at our borders which people are coming to not running from!!

    Yes, everyone should be treated humanely but dont compare persecution and murder to a place of holding that is so overcrowded due to lack of funding and 100,000 people coming to a month to that of Nazi German .

    Dont applaud this say it needs fixing but dont applaud her stupidit .

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