Why You Should Ctrl+F Your Passover Haggadah

Photo credit: Michael Swan

Photo credit: Michael Swan

It’s amazing what a few taps of “replace all” and a smattering of name changes can do to a story. See whether this edit makes you think twice, and stay tuned for a new way of thinking about putting Miriam’s cup next to Elijah’s:

The Passover Story, Retold

In ancient days, Josephine, the favorite of the twelve daughters of the Hebrew matriarch Jacoba, was sold into slavery by her jealous sisters in Canaan and taken to Egypt.

4 comments on “Why You Should Ctrl+F Your Passover Haggadah

  1. Aviva Rosenbloom on

    It is not necessary to change all the men to women (and vice versa) to emphasize the role of women in the Pesach story. As is told in Rabbi Jack Gabriel’s song, Web of Women: “Shifra and Puah, Yocheved, Miriam, Pharoah’s daughter, the list goes on and on…Long ago, as the Torah states, women made the difference, women kept the faith! Chorus: It was a web of women, a web of women, who kept the Jewish children alive…who helped the Jewish people to survive!

  2. Joy Krauthammer on

    Yes. As long as we keep telling the stories of the women. Women redeemed us and will continue to redeem us.

  3. Kali8 on

    Thank you, this is wonderful! I have reached the end of being able to participate in male-led patriarchal seders which have no role for women, other than being able to ‘join in’ the readings!!

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