Welcome (Back) to the Resistance, Mom

It was just a few minutes before Shabbat, and I was rushing to get everything done (read: running very late). Not an ideal time to talk to anyone, so of course the phone rang. And of course it was my mother. And of course she was very agitated.

Time to pause.

Take a deep breath.

And listen.

I’m glad I did.

My mother didn’t know what to do with herself. She was so, so angry. (Not at me). She was confused. She was genuinely and sincerely trying to understand how people she liked and respected could hold such terrible and selfish and fundamentally illogical positions on matters of basic human rights and dignity.

My mother was, it turns out, having coffee with some Trump supporters.

2 comments on “Welcome (Back) to the Resistance, Mom

  1. Shirley on

    I have seen this also peopleiknowshoare educated high middle class ad they have a big trump sign in their yard I will never understand howtdy could possibly be so stupidas to think he is just wonderful . I see the lower class idiots that will follow him around with their nose up his utt I can kinda excuse them because they are uneducated backwoods rednecks that run sround with the rebellion flag to me these people have nobrainto start with . But the others I just cannot figure out them
    We seewhst he’s doinf every day destroying our great country trying to start a war and having a tantrum if someone doesn’t clap for him
    I just wish I knew the answer but I don’t

  2. Bobby5000 on

    Let’s sort out some issues.

    1. Refugees and health care. Yes you correctly point out the sadness of having refugees refused during the holocaust. But few suggested that they be given health care and other benefits. The Jews who emigrated in the 19th and 20th centuries always had to work hard. The ultimate immigration proposal memorializing the right of DACA children to remain here seems pretty fair and is opposed by Democrats simply because they oppose anything Trump does good or bad.

    2. Economics It was just announced that Afro-American unemployment reached a new 50 year low. Pretty impressive. Can’t people say good job, we are impressed, particularly compared with Obama’s dismal economic policies which impacted Afro-Americans particularly hard. And a strong foreign policy has brought admiration from people like Netanyahu. And many of us initially skeptical of the president look at results.*

    *About to say Obama’s policies brought about this prosperity? Let me tell you a story. A college student partied his first semester missing many classes and getting failing grades. His parents required him to get a tutor and keep regular study hours to stay in school and the next semester he got mostly A’s. Asked about the success, he explained, well it took awhile for the pot-smoking and partying to work.

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