Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2017

fireworks-1599821_1920Curious about what 2017 articles were most read on Here’s our top-ten line up! Read through them and comment with what your favorite Lilith pieces from 2017 are. 

1. Dear Chelsea Clinton: Clara Lemlich was a Communist—and a Jew

2. The Mainstream Misogyny of the Nice Jewish Boy

3. Why Are Women Dropping Out of Synagogue Life?

4. Stop Telling Me I Can’t Sing Because It Distracts Orthodox Men

5. Low-Touch Parenting

6. Stop Victim Blaming: A Response to Mayim Bialik from One Member of the Orthodox Community to Another

7. A Takedown of That Worst-Colleges-for-Jews List

8. Ivanka Shows How “Jewish Woman” Is Not the Same as “Jew”

9. In Defense of Lashon Hara

10. Defiance