Meet the Jewish Lesbian Feminist Who Goes Undercover to Report on the Alt-Right

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When award-winning journalist Donna Minkowitz (author of Ferocious Romance: What My Encounters with the Right Taught Me about Sex, God and Fury and Growing up Golem: How I Survived My Mother, Brooklyn and Some Really Bad Dates) attended a conference sponsored by the innocuously-named American Renaissance organization last summer, she knew she would be rubbing elbows with leaders of the alt-right. The three-day confab, held a few weeks before the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally, took place in a Tennessee state park and drew approximately 300 people, 90 percent of them male and all of them white.

Minkowitz, a self-described “secular, Jewish, lesbian feminist and leftist,” told Eleanor J. Bader about covering the event for Political Research Associates, an independently-funded social justice think tank based in Somerville, Massachusetts. She also spoke about her earlier interactions with conservative organizations.

3 comments on “Meet the Jewish Lesbian Feminist Who Goes Undercover to Report on the Alt-Right

  1. annjackowitz on


    Many American Jews on the left have not become anti-Jewish, including myself, but don’t conflate us with being anti-Israel in favor of defending Muslims. Rather, we are critical of current Israeli policies, including erecting walls between Palestinians and Israelis and deporting Africans in cities like Tel Aviv.

  2. Fievelthomas on

    So many of these so called arguments are straw men arguments. For example, it was stated in this article that at the American Reneissance conference that people of color are “inferior”. This isn’t necessarily correct, nor is it was AmRen stands for. They believe that people of color (I.E. blacks and hispanics) tend to have a lower, on average, I.Q. Whereas whites typically have a higher I.Q. thank blacks and hispanics. But on the other hand Asians and Ashenazi Jews have a higher than average I.Q. than whites. However, this was not stated in this article. This is well known amongst the alt right groups. Also, there is nothing wrong with whites wanting to separate themselves from other groups. Just like there is nothing wrong with blacks, etc. wanting to do the same thing. It is well known that whites will become a minority in the next few decades here in the U.S. as well as in other places like the U.K. Whites have a right to survive just like any other race.

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