Can We Harness the Power of #MeToo To Smash Patriarchy At Its Core?

wall street broadway signEvery time I log on to Twitter, I see new male names pop on that left-hand “trending” column and I cringe. Sometimes the newest harassment scandal comes and goes so fast I miss an entire news-cycle—for instance, I was watching the American Music Awards and Ryan Seacrest came on screen: “Accused of sexual harassment,” said my viewing companion. What? Him too? It keeps feeling like the deluge of stories is going to stop—it has to stop at some point, right?—yet it keeps…not stopping.

In fact, several weeks in, this moment (or movement?) still feels like it’s snowballing, because anyone who is privy to conversations among women knows that for every name that floats to the surface, there are at least a handful that haven’t been exposed, at least not yet.

And still, the questions can’t be avoided: How long do we have until our time to flood the airwaves with our truth is deemed “up”? What is our window to make a difference? And…what is actually going to change?

2 comments on “Can We Harness the Power of #MeToo To Smash Patriarchy At Its Core?

  1. Lara Fine, M.A. on

    Why are women mindlessly continuing to follow in lockstep with mostly REACTING to men’s actions, masculine thinking and male-defined media? OUR feminine and feminist values need to have our OWN voice – a Women’s News Service with both positive and proactive news and information as to how to turn this crazy world around for the good, peaceful, nurturing, compassionate, cooperative and thriving once again!! We need, now more than ever, clear and obvious ways in which the common Everywoman can join together to be heard, regarded and respected!

  2. Accidental Eunuch on

    Get out of the intersectional oppression Olympics and face narrowly defined issues within the framework of the law. Anything else just dilutes the message and makes feminists look ridiculous.

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