My Post-Holocaust American Halloween

(Thanksgiving was a different matter. I always did like Thanksgiving, because it seemed to be an American holiday we Jews could unconflictedly celebrate. We didn’t have to be concerned about gathering family, as we were on Jewish holidays, because everyone can drive on Thanksgiving I’ve always loved when our Conservative congregation sings “America the Beautiful” instead of “Adon Olam” at the conclusion of services on the shabbat of Thanksgiving weekend.)

When we were young, my mother also refused to buy things made in Germany; towards the end of her life she loosened up about this, occasionally buying a pair of exceptionally comfortable shoes made there; and I enjoyed her–and my–more relaxed lack of anxiety attached to Halloween at the same time. )

(I have a lovely picture of my mom dressed up in her robe and a big red hat for Halloween at her assisted living place, with two of her great-grandchildren, who happened to be visiting, not in costume.) 

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