A Feminist Prayer for Yom Kippur

Dear Mother
You are the Presence on this planet
You are Queen
You are Moon
You are Earth
You are
The center of our being

Forgive us Mother
Forgive us Father
For not recognizing that without your Divine Partner, what are You
For failing to notice that only with synergy can we make it through

Let the Divine Feminine lead
Let the wounds within us be healed
Let the string turn from red to white

May this year bring compassion and connection to us all. May we experience true divine mercy and mercy upon ourselves. May we learn to release old wounds and transmute them into something better than anything we’d ever imagined. May it be a year of non-hierarchy as we manifest a real shift from patriarchy into a society of mutual cooperation towards a unified whole. May we learn to give as we receive and receive as we give, and birth a world of balance together.

Rishe Groner is a writer and strategist living in Brooklyn. She is the founder of TheGene-Sis.com, a post-Hasidic embodied approach to self-transformation.

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