What Happens After the Seder?

Are we intimidated by the idea of redemption? At present, it’s often hard for us to relate to the huge personal and communal change was required to go from a nation of slaves to a free people headed to the land of milk and honey. In that long trek through the desert, there was questioning of purpose, questioning of leadership, questioning of self. We sometimes strayed from our mission and our guiding principles, and few who started the struggle lived to see the redemption, but still we persevered. I wonder which of those morsels from the seder and Passover we can work on in our busy lives? Through the Four People in our haggadah supplement we address the complexity of engaging in racial justice work and the necessity of not letting doubts and fears prevent us from actively taking part in the movement working to challenge systematic racial inequalities head on. The questions cannot simply rest in the ether, we have a responsibility as Jews to first answer them for ourselves and second to address them as a community. More than a supplement, the Four People is tool that can and should be used after Passover to build a dialogue around Jewish engagement in racial justice work both internal and external to the Jewish community.

Particularly, in this moment when agents of division are looking to sow discord and separation, we have an opportunity to reach out, accept and love ALL of those who are among us as well as build a global community where everyone is equally valued and honored.