NYC Offers Domestic Workers–Documented and Undocumented Alike–An Overview of Rights and Resources


Importantly, this brochure clarifies that domestic workers are entitled to the rights outlined regardless of immigration status. This is especially relevant now, when the Trump administration has made its loathing of immigrants clear, and has taken action to expel undocumented folks. “Undocumented workers are often afraid to leave their homes, ” said McCullough. 

One of the #SanctuaryHomes signs

One of the #SanctuaryHomes signs

The #SanctuaryHomes 
campaign aims to help employers show solidarity with their workers by asking them to publicly demonstrate their support in signing a pledge to make their home a #SanctuaryHome. It is a project of Hand in Hand, a national network of domestic workers and employers. When displayed prominently, signs such as these show that those who live there will defend the humanity and dignity of workers. The campaign also asks that employers educate and organize others, and has created a discussion guide to help employers and workers communicate openly about how they can support and be supported.

Using a similar model, JFREJ has begun the Eldercare Dialogues, bringing seniors, their families, and their care providers to talk openly about economic security, and making changes in the healthcare industry. Given that this Paid Care Brochure is in some ways the culmination of the work through the partnership of Domestic Workers and JFREJ, hopefully in the future there will be similar successes born out of the Eldercare Dialogues. 

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