Meet the Publication Taking on Anti-Choice Propaganda

Jodi Jacobson is Rewire's Editor in Chief. Photo Credit: Greg Schaler.

Jodi Jacobson is Rewire’s Editor in Chief. Photo © Greg Schaler.

The site is called Rewire and its goal is to “rewire the way we think about the news, especially when it comes to reproductive and sexual health, rights, and justice.” It’s obviously a huge mission.

Five days a week, 51 weeks a year (staff take a break in late December) the site publishes original news stories, analyses, cultural critiques, plus podcasts and interviews. On a recent Tuesday, for example, Rewire covered racial disparities in abortion access; the mistreatment of immigrants and refugees who have experienced domestic abuse; Title IX protections for transgender teens; a renewed Republican-led crusade against pornography; the links between the Trump administration and the private prison industry; and a review of Joyce Carol Oates’ latest novel, A Book of American Martyrs.

This is intersectional feminism writ large.