Why I’m Calling Out Jared and Ivanka

Photo credit Michael Vadon

Photo credit Michael Vadon

Sometimes, it is not hard to figure out the right thing to do. When a tyrant tells you to do something wrong, resist. 

The midwives did it, refusing to kill Hebrew babies. Why? Because they feared God (Exodus 1:17). Regardless of your theological stance, one has to acknowledge that one path to bravery is the understanding that there is something larger and broader beyond  whatever a human tyrant demands that commands respect for values that go beyond the mere will of a despot. 

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  1. Steven Blumberg on

    Silly pseudo-authority! Shame on you for slander! They did not drive, but WERE DRIVEN, and – the posek (halachic authority) in the central synagogue of the Bubover Hasidim told me 25 years ago that major posekim have written of their puzzlement that it has not become normal Shabbat practice to properly arrange before Shabbat to be driven on Shabbat by drivers not commanded to keep Shabbat, and it is simply community custom to refrain. Obviously, no problem to find, as they, to their credit, reportedly did, find a respected authority to allow their ride in these circumstances.

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