The Women’s Marches: A Special Digital Section

bannersReconnecting in D.C.—after 40 Years
In her twenties, they all lived together in a communal house in the District. Now, four decades later, they (and their landlord) are reunited in the nation’s capital. 

Jewish Feminists Report Back from 18 Marches 
From Anchorage to London. 

A Rabbi’s Benediction from Sedona, Arizona
Sedona! Verde Valley! Hundreds turned out. 

At Columbus Circle, January 19, 2017
Two nights before. A dispatch from a college student. 

“Bring Your Teaspoon”
A rousing speech delivered by Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

A Picture is Worth 1000 words
Photographs submitted by readers from Women’s Marches around the United States.