The Transformative Work of JFREJ’s Jews of Color Caucus

Seven members of the Jews of Color Caucus were arrested on a sit-in, blocking traffic in front of the NYPD 6th Precinct in the West Village to mark  the culmination of the Jews4BlackLives month of action. As the Jewish community in NYC approached Tisha b’Av, JFREJ — led by the Jews of Color Caucus — along with hundreds of neighbors and advocacy groups, held an action and vigil in support of Black Lives Matter to demand an end to police violence against People of Color and the passage of the Right To Know Act in the New York City Council. Photo credit: Erik McGregor.

Photo credit: Erik McGregor.

“I identify as a Black, multi-race, Jewish woman of color,” 31-year-old social worker-teacher-activist Shoshana Brown says by way of introduction.  Now active in the Jews of Color Caucus of Jews for Racial and Economic Justice [JFREJ], Bronx-born Brown has many questions about how best to oppose racism and white supremacy. Indeed, Brown’s queries address strategic and tactical concerns that are important for all progressive social justice efforts—religious and secular, Jewish and non—as we enter the uncharted terrain of Trumplandia.

Brown spoke to Lilith reporter Eleanor J. Bader about the Caucus’ ongoing work in late December.