We’ve Got Issues—And We Want to Share Them

Lilith magazine​, turning 40 this fall,​ is moving to a lovely new office in ​two weeks. ​Please help us find an appropriate home for some of ​​our cherished back issues. (Alas, we can’t take them all with us.)

Do you teach a class that ​would enjoy having a print copy of a classic back issue? Are you part of a Lilith salon, writers group or rosh hodesh group that would appreciate these vintage issues? 

We’ll gladly send ​boxed ​magazines ​of whatever issue you choose (or tell us to choose) ​in minimum quantities of 30 ​each. Please help us by sharing this offer widely.

You can choose from these (click on the links to see the full table of contents of each issue): 

Winter 1976-77: Why did Golda Meir leave us a legacy of Zionism without feminism? The politics behind the Conservative movement’s endless debate over ordaining women rabbis. Cynthia Ozick argues brilliantly for women’s rights in Judaism. A vindication! Time to explore how I.B. Singer’s adored work is soaked through with misogyny. ​

23-1989-spring_smallSpring 1989: Family systems: ​P​ioneer therapist Olga Silverstein on life, love and Jewish identity; Harriet Lerner on sisters pressed to achieve. The hit drama “Shayna Maidel” and its fractured families. Campus life for Jewish women: our insider’s guide. Gender, politics and power in Jerusalem through the eyes of E.M. Broner, Bella Abzug and more.

Winter 2002-03: Jewish daughters and their African-American nannies tell stories of love and intimacy. Being the Catholic mother in a Jewish family. Praying for protection: sexual abuse by a Jewish father. The matronymic metamorphosis: what to name your child, and the importance of a mother’s surname. 

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