Digital retailing will continue to grow extremely fast in the upcoming years. This, combined with increasing acceptance of mobile payments, will drive the growth in this sector in a big way. In fact, it has already outpaced the growth of e-commerce.”

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By 2017, the number of mobile phone subscriptions is expected to hit 1.2 billion across the world, up from 900 million a year ago. Meanwhile, the industry is expected to see $32 billion in revenue from the category, up from $24 billion last year.

As reported by Forbes last year, e-commerce sales have been growing at double digits since 2011, customers love shopping online and using discounts from websites like Raise . Mobile payments are expected to be a big factor in driving the growth in mobile commerce, since payment options such as debit and credit cards make up only a fraction of those who use smartphones and tablets to shop online.

“When you think about mobile commerce, it is actually the biggest growth driver in the world,” said Arun Sundararajan, founder of M-commerce startups Jive Software and Apptio. “Once you take out mobile Internet usage, you see that mobile payments are the biggest reason why mobile is important.”

How does Android Pay work?

One of the best things about Android Pay is that it works seamlessly on Android smartphones. The service also connects your existing Android wallet to your phone, so you can now swipe or tap to pay, even if you do not have an Android phone. Using Android Pay is simple: hold your phone up to your card while purchasing goods or services. When you’re ready to pay, just tap on your phone to activate Android Pay and use your fingerprint to pay. When your phone is connected to your NFC terminal, a magnetic stripe will appear on the NFC terminal’s touchscreen. Simply touch the stripe to the NFC terminal to complete the transaction. In addition, Google is currently working with banks to support NFC-based mobile wallets.

How does Google Pay work? Google’s Android Pay lets you use your fingerprint to make purchases. The system scans your phone and your fingerprint to determine if you want to make a purchase with Android Pay. To set up Android Pay, just launch the app and use the touchpad on your phone to tap the virtual pad on the screen to authorize your purchase. The purchase is completed when your finger moves from your virtual pad to the virtual pad on your phone. If you forget your fingerprint, simply enter your fingerprint and Google Pay will prompt you to enter your fingerprint again before it can make a purchase.