Happy Canada Day!

In honor of Canada Day, here’s an assortment of Lilith articles with Canadian content. Hope you enjoy! 

Evolving from Bystander to Rescuer
by Susan Weidman Schneider
On Gail Asper and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, which focuses on Jews, on women, on hunger and trafficking, and on oppressed minorities around the world.

“Never Tell Anyone”: A Comedienne Breaks Her Family Taboo 
by Frannie Sheridan
Her stand-up shtick blows her traumatized family’s “Catholic” cover. Fear and fury ensue. 

Earth Mamas
by Alisha Kaplan
The author on her mother’s Canadian farm and Jews who long for country life. 

Sorrel Summer 
by Marlene B. Samuels
Summering in the Laurentian Mountains, the author’s Holocaust survivor mother’s remembers sorrel soup in pre-War Romania.

Canada’s Parliament Fixes Jewish Divorces
by Elaine Kalman Naves
On the fight for the enactment in August 1990 of the only national law anywhere in the world reducing obstacles to Jewish divorce.

Golden Words: Q&A With Author, Editor, Activist Nora Gold
by Yona Zeldis McDonough
The Canadian author on her novel Fields of Exile, about anti-Israelism in academe.

Returning to the Garden
by Chana Widawski
Outside New York, Toronto, and Baltimore, Jews are farming in communities that merge ecology and social justice.