Excuse Me: Supermarket Line Etiquette

Welcome to another edition of Excuse Me, a new illustrated advice column about maddening things. Installments will be posted here every other Monday. Need advice? Send your questions to liana@lilith.org.


Liana Finck’s graphic novel is called A Bintel Brief. She writes and draws a monthly column for The Forward and her cartoons appear irregularly in The New Yorker. She often thinks about the age-old question: fight, or flight?

One comment on “Excuse Me: Supermarket Line Etiquette

  1. oscarina on

    I cut ’em off, with a u-turn every time! Unless it’s someone I don’t want anywhere near me, then I let them go ahead, and shop a little more. Some people you just don’t want standing anywhere near you on line. You know who you are, annoying people with little or no control or space perception with your shopping carts.

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