Link Roundup:Adrienne Rich and the Bat Mitzvah at 90

Have Bat Mitzvahs become too glitzy? Marjorie Ingall explained why the true meaning behind the ritual is often lost when the focus becomes about “flashy parties and clothes.” [Tablet Magazine]

U.S. Congressman Dave Camp has come under fire for allowing his aide, Aharon Friedman, to deny his ex-wife, Tamar Epstein, a get. However, according to First Amendment law expert Eugene Volokh, if Camp were to command Freedman to give Epstein a get or fired him for refusing to do so, he would be in violation of the law and the Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. However, even if Camp can’t coerce Friedman religiously, the pressure of public opinion is mounting for Friedman to cooperate. [Tablet Magazine] & [Slate]

Dina Jones and Dana Bokobza broke boundaries last week when they became the first female firefighters to be accepted into Israel’s Fire Services’ commander course. [Ynet]

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