Link Roundup: Beit Shemesh Riots and Gender-Neutral Toys

Welcome to this week’s installment of Lilith’s Link Roundup. Each week we post Jewish and feminist highlights from around the web. If there’s anything you want to be sure we know about, email us or leave a message in the comments section below.

Beloved Yiddish singer Adrienne Cooper died on December 25th at the age of 65. Among her many accomplishments was her sensitive and original Lilith article on family violence in women’s Yiddish songs from the Spring 2011 issue. [NY Times]

Israel found its own “Rosa Parks” after a woman named Tanya Rosenblit refused to move to the back of an Egged bus headed to Jerusalem, despite receiving threats from ultra-Orthodox passengers who tried to insist that women and men remain in separate sections of public buses. Rosenblit’s bravery has since inspired other women to sit at the front of ‘mehadrin’ buses, including Knesset member Tzipi Hotovely. [Jewish News One] & [Ynet]

Two weeks ago, riots broke out among Haredi Jews in the Israeli town of Beit Shemesh after police officers removed signs calling for gender segregation even on public sidewalks. Following the sign removal, an Israeli television news crew was attacked after featuring Na’ama Margolese, an 8-year-old girl who had been spat on by a Haredi man for dressing “immodestly.” [Jerusalem Post] & [The Sisterhood]

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  1. Alon on

    This is ridiculous. I dont understand why some people cant keep their traditions and beliefs to themselves. Nobody is really going out of their way to bother the ultra-orthodox, except maybe Tanya Rosenblit. Just as other people accept and respect what the ultra-orthodox believe, the ultra-orthodox should accept and respect what everybody else believes.

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