Link Roundup: Earth Day and Orthodox Women

Welcome to this week’s installment of Lilith’s Link Roundup. Each week we post Jewish and feminist highlights from around the web. If there’s anything you want to be sure we know about, email us or leave a message in the comments section below.

Newsweek released its 2011 list of America’s 50 Most Influential Rabbis. The list included 13 women, which is more than the past two years’ lists combined.  The increase of women is like due to the addition of Abigail Pogrebin to the selection committee, which was previously made up of men. [The Sisterhood]

Ms. Magazine and the Feminist Majority Foundation launched No More Excuses!, a new campaign that urges the FBI to remove the term “forcible” from its definition of rape. [Ms. Magazine]

In response to last week’s New York Times article about the prevalence of eating disorders in the Orthodox community, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach writes about the growing pressure that young women in the community face to be thin in order to get married. Many matchmakers prefer girls who wear size 0-4. [Huffington Post]

In honor of Earth Day, Justin Branch gives an introduction to Ecofeminism. [Canonball]

Ecofeminism is especially prominent in developing countries, like Jordan, where women have become more self-sufficient by using solar energy to make their villages more sustainable. [Green Prophet]

Doree Lewak describes the problem Orthodox women face during Passover when it comes to their beauty routine. Women have to refrain from beauty products that contain non-Kosher for Passover ingredients, however the governing board of rabbis releases an annual list of “chametz-free” personal care items. [Huffington Post]

Lilith blogger Maya Bernstein writes about experiencing moments versus preserving memories. [Lilith Blog]

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