Nothing New Under the Sun: In Ruth Gruber’s Own Powerful Words

What Lilith publishes really has legs! Just look! Check out this item from today’s news, and then read what Lilith said earlier on this very subject.

A British soldier led me down a flight of slippery stairs into the prison cage, into which hundreds of half-naked men, women and children were wedged. It was a black and white drawing of the inferno. Blindly, I shot photos of their agony. Back on the dock, a young Haganah woman standing next to me said, “Now you will see the birth of the Jewish State.”

This is just one of the many stunning images which appeared in Ruth Gruber’s 1988 article in Lilith Magazine, “40 Years of Rescue.” Now you can get the full text here! Gruber is featured in this recent New York Times piece, and is the subject of a brand new documentary film opening at the Angelika in New York on September 10. And a happy upcoming 99th birthday to Ruth Gruber!