Pesach dead hand of the past

(April 8, 2009)

I am fuming. I was just in West Side Judaica (Manhattan’s Upper West Side) where a little boy was saying to his grandparents, “We need a Miriam’s Cup.”

Grandfather (60-something, could pass for a liberal-congenial-spirit): “No, we don’t.”

Moi (seething): “Yes you do.”

Grandfather: “What did Miriam do?”

Moi: “She provided the well of fresh water that kept the Jews alive in the desert.” (I was so enraged, I didn’t even mention Miriam led the women a
song of rejoicing after the crossing of the Red Sea.)

Grandfather: “That was after Passover.”

Moi: So angered, it didn’t even occur to me to say So was Elijah.

But final shot: Grandmother taking Kos Miriam selected by the little boy to the cash register, where the Orthodox male will ring up the sale.

Hag sameach.

–Amy Stone

3 comments on “Pesach dead hand of the past

  1. Bob Lamm on

    For readers who may not be aware of this, it should be noted that this is the same Amy Stone whose landmark article in LILITH played a major role in opening the doors of the Jewish Theological Seminary to female rabbinic students.

  2. Judy Hollander on

    Amy, is there a way to get a copy of your article on feminist funerals that was in Lilith. I do not have access to the magazine. Or have you talked about it other places?

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