'Tis the Season

I’m prone to complaining about the world falling apart, um…most of the time. This has been brought to my attention, and in the spirit of the season, I thought I’d share something that I’m just thrilled about—and very thankful for: this year hasn’t seen the “War Against Christmas” crap of recent years. For this I am grateful simply because I might not have survived another season.

Of course, this isn’t to say that there isn’t plenty of ridiculous religion in politics this day. You have Mike Huckabee comparing homosexuality to necrophilia (don’t worry—his advisers have clarified that they’re not on the same side of the sin spectrum), Mitt Romney and the comparison that wouldn’t die to JFK (they both held the religious minority niche and addressed the conservative church faction about it—any vague similarities ends there, as Kennedy made a point to throw the separation of Church and State in the faces of the Southern Baptists he was addressing; Gov. Romney made a point to assure Evangelical leaders that his Mormonism wouldn’t get in the way of his evangelical enforcements), and Alan Keyes’ bizarre wig-out during the Iowa caucus debate (after yelling at the moderator, his answer for what we can do to fix education is to “put God back in the schools”).

I appreciate that the holidays, and the barrage of coming caucuses (cauci?), really brings out the loony in presidential candidates. I would hope that these sort of antics go further towards convincing everyone who’s not a Christian that these nuts are not your friends. Yes, the Democrats trot out their church credentials, too, and goodness knows I’m one of the biggest fan of religious liberals you’ll find in New York. I think it’s fair to say, though, that the Grand Old Party is no party for those of us who rock the mogen davids.

So thank you, candidates, conservatives and Michelle Malkin, for not accusing me of ruining your holiday with my insidious, deity-hating “Happy Holidays!” I wish you, um, a nice Tuedsay. If anyone out there is roaming Brooklyn looking for good Chinese food and a cool movie on Christmas, give me a call—I’m on it.

And last, I can think of many people who probably appreciate seeing this sort of honesty in the NYTimes. (Unless you’re part of the demographic doomsdayers.) Enjoy!

–Mel Weiss

3 comments on “'Tis the Season

  1. curiousmind on

    There actually exists a certain portion of Jews who are Republicans-most Jews who emigrated from the former Soviet Union.

  2. admin on

    There are more than just former Soviet Jews supporting the GOP–the so-called “New York Republican” model (socially liberal, fiscally conservative) claims Jewish aspirants from all over. My feeling, though, is that it’s time for people to understand that the extent to which the Republican party, in particular and right now, has swung to the Jesus side means it should cost them our vote.

    But you’re absolutely right. Like Log Cabin Republicans and the platypus, Jewish Republicans do exist.


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