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Will the Earth Forgive Us?

The earth is dying. Permafrost is melting, wildfires are raging, chunks of glaciers are falling into the ocean with a thunderous crash. A pond is no longer safe for skating in the winter. Allergens and droughts and “natural” disasters are deadlier. Polluted soil is not supporting crops. And everywhere this happens, existing inequalities of gender,... Read more »

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The Perfect Panic Attack of “Shiva Baby”

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“Failed Self-Abortion With a Wire Hanger”: A Letter from a Namesake to an Ancestor

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From the Cosmos to the Patriarchy

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Why “Jew of Color” Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story

As I have woven being Chinese on top of Judaism, I want to explore what it would mean to weave Judaism on top of Chinese culture and tradition

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Malcah’s Closet

I want to tell you about my mother’s clothes.

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An Interview with Maria Espinosa

Suburban Souls explores the psychological terrors of modern domesticity. But each character is drawn with such empathy that the reader is able to see them in a forgiving light.

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My Grandmother’s Favorite Dish

The first time I ate gomen was back in Ethiopia, after helping my grandma prepare it.

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A Modern Esther

For Jackie Zarine Mostny, the Persian Jewish Queen lineage from the time of Esther continues to live on– and evolve.

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All things periods • Patriarchy, race and the Cosmos • Ecofeminists answer urgent questions • A sex therapist loses (and finds!) her orgasms in shul • The Jewish Jane Austen

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