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You Gave Him Permission

You gave him permission if the only Black folks you interact with are doing a service for you, paid or not.
You gave him permission if you think racism is white hoods and burning crosses.
You gave him permission if you hesitated to talk to your kids about the uprisings.

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“We’re All Nervous about What’s Coming”—A Michigan Nurse on the Covid Crisis and Life on the Frontline

You have a level of compassion, being a nurse, and suddenly it’s more difficult, though you still have it, because you have to put on all the [protective] stuff and try to be there even more for your patient because their family can’t be there. It’s mentally stressful, physically stressful, it’s very difficult.


Making Flatbread to Nourish the Body and Spirit

We are now also in a time of social and political upheaval and change. This makes the qualities of bread’s emotional sustenance even more important, especially when understood together with the centrality of bread in nearly every diverse culture, historically and in our world today. Bread, in various forms, is something all peoples share. 

Dennies at her Bat Mitzvah in Dec. 2014

From Catholic to Conservative Jew: One Spiritual Journey

Within the Orthodox community I have not been treated differently. When I did my very first Pesach, this woman asked, “Do you have food for Pesach?” I said “No,”…she sent me apple juice and all the seasonings and everything you can think of. And she said, “You’re a single woman, this is what we’re here for.” That’s when I knew I was welcome and I didn’t have to worry about much.

Art by Rebecca Katz

To Save the Planet and Ourselves, Root Down to Love

There are five things at the forefront of my mind these days; the national struggle against racist violence, the climate crisis, the coronavirus, death, family, but underlying it all… love. 

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RT @theintercept: An artistic intervention seeks to highlight places across the U.S. where immigrants and others are detained.

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A recorded conversation with Joy Ladin at Washington’s DCJCC. She’s wonderfully instructive, sometimes in deeply poignant ways; listen carefully here when she describes, among other things, the plight of transgender teens and their very basic need for shelter. 

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