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January 22, 2018 by

Women’s Marches from Coast to Coast

Lilith photographer Joan Roth marched in New York City. Her granddaughter, former Lilith intern Shira Gorelick, marched in Los Angeles. See the protests through the lenses of this grandmother/granddaughter team—documenting history in cities on opposite coasts. 

Joan Roth, New York City

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woman warrior Shira Gorelick, Los Angeles

granddaughters witches shirastrong female lead Shira

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Live from the Lilith Blog

January 12, 2018 by

Yet Another Study Shows Women Can Safely Self-Induce Abortion—When Given Proper Information

A new study conducted in Peru, where abortion is legally restricted, finds that women can safely and effectively self-induce abortion after receiving information from a healthcare provider about how to use the drug misoprostol. Although abortion is common in Peru, few women qualify for legal services, and many instead seek out clandestine providers or use unsafe methods on their own.

Researchers at Ibis Reproductive Health, the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and the International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region documented outcomes with a harm-reduction model of care implemented at non-governmental clinics in Lima and Chimbote. Women who said they were considering ending their pregnancy were evaluated by nurses, given information about ways to use misoprostol that are scientifically shown to be safe and effective for early abortion. They were encouraged to return to the clinic to ensure the abortion was complete, treat any complications and receive contraception. The study followed 220 women who took misoprostol on their own after a clinic evaluation.

“We found that almost 90% of women reported having a complete abortion after taking misoprostol, and very few had medical complications, such as heavy bleeding, infection or severe pain,” Dr. Daniel Grossman, the director of Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH) and lead author of the study, said. “Our findings corroborate those from a growing number of studies indicating that women can safely and effectively use medication abortion on their own with minimal clinical supervision.” 

Grossman shared with Lilith the ways he sees Judaism informing his work for reproductive justice. “I think my Jewish upbringing instilled in me a strong sense of tikkun olam or ‘repair of the world’ and a desire to work for the welfare of society at large,” he said. “My parents aren’t very observant Jews, but they were active volunteers in our temple’s social action work. My research on access to reproductive health care, as well as my clinical activities, are certainly motivated by a desire to reduce disparities and ensure that all people can attain the highest level of health possible.”

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Live from the Lilith Blog

January 4, 2018 by

You’ve Come a Long Way, Sister: 20 Years After Carlebach Allegations, His Daughter Hears #MeToo

On Tuesday, Lilith’s founder Susan Weidman Schneider sent out an email, subject line “and now, Neshama Carlebach weighs in.” She was writing to Managing Editor Naomi Danis and to Sarah Blustain, who reported for Lilith in 1998 about allegations of sexual harassment against famed rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, and the response from his daughter—twenty years later. “Want to respond?” Susan wrote. 

The daughter’s belated response brought up a slew of memories about what it was like to report on sexual harassment before #MeToo, in a community that only now is beginning to reckon with the dark side of its spiritual leader.


Live from the Lilith Blog

November 16, 2017 by

Reflections from the Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom Conference

Three Lilith correspondents—Rishe Groner, Amy Stone, and Ann Jackowitz—attended the Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom fourth annual conference on November 5. Here is some background on the event we invited them to cover for our readers:

Sheryl Olitsky, is a former Fortune 500 corporate marketing executive and the wife and mother of rabbis. Atiya Aftab, is a former New Jersey Deputy Attorney General and the immediate past president of the NJ Muslim Lawyers’ Association. Together, they launched the Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom nationally in 2013 and convened the organization’s first annual conference in 2014. The number of attendees has since mushroomed six-fold.

The Sisterhood is the fastest-growing, grassroots movement of Muslim and Jewish women, with over 150 chapters, in more than 25 states, Washington, D.C. and Canada. More than 1000 women have put their names on the waiting list to join.

Its members are secular and religious Jewish women with German, Eastern Europe, Middle Eastern and Sephardic ancestry, and Muslim women of Turkish, Egyptian, Lebanese, Syrian, Iraqi, Iranian, Pakistani and Palestinian descent. 

The Sisterhood consists of small groups of equal numbers of Jews and Muslims who meet regularly to share Shabbat dinners and iftars (meals eaten to break fast during Ramadan), get a better understanding of each other’s lives and faiths, concentrate on their similarities, respect their differences in a safe environment, without interference from the presence of men, and perform acts of tzedakah and sadaqa (note the similar pronunciations), one of which included helping Syrian refugees find shelters.

The Mincha and Asr prayers being held side-by-side. Mincha was led Andrea Hodos, creator of Moving Torah Workshops—physical, spiritual and intellectual. The Asr afternoon prayer was led by Tahera Ahmad, Director of Interfaith Engagement and Associate University Chaplain, Northwestern University. Photo credit: Amy Stone.

The Mincha and Asr prayers being held side-by-side. Mincha was led Andrea Hodos, creator of Moving Torah Workshops—physical, spiritual and intellectual. The Asr afternoon prayer was led by Tahera Ahmad, Director of Interfaith Engagement and Associate University Chaplain, Northwestern University. Photo credit: Amy Stone.

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September 4, 2017 by

Lilith Labor Day Articles Through The Years

1280px-Abolish_child_slavery 2The Triangle Fire—Through the Eyes of a Cartoonist (1978) 
An important part of Jewish history and the labor movement retold as you’ve never seen it before. 

You Are What You Wear (1997) 
A report on the proliferation of sweatshop labor in the garment industry, and the coalition of Jewish women in the spirit of the ILGW who came together to try to stop it. 

Labor Pains (2010-2011)
Lilith’s report on the creation of the Freelancer’s Union, and the state of women in the gig economy. 

Jewish Women on Rampart for Graduate Worker Unions (2017)
Why graduate workers at universities across the U.S. are coming together to form unions, and how Jewish women see it as connecting with their heritage. 

Head of Workmen’s Circle on Strike Solidarity, Yiddish and Fighting Fascism this Labor Day (2017)
Ann Toback of the Workmen’s Circle talks about the future of the labor movement, the continued influence of Jewish radical women and High Holidays with Lilith.  

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Live from the Lilith Blog

February 28, 2017 by

Remarks from the (First-Ever) Lilith Launch Party

Rebecca Katz, former Lilith intern and current Lilith cartoonist, speaking at the launch party. Photo Credit: Joan Roth.

Rebecca Katz, former Lilith intern and current Lilith cartoonist, speaking at the launch party at the JCC Harlem. Photo Credit: Joan Roth.

Lilith decided that in these chilly times we need the warmth of one another’s company. It’s a great time to have feminist friends! For the first time in our 40-year history, we held a party at the new JCC Harlem celebrating the launch of an issue our magazine. In case you missed it, here’s a chance to sample some of what was said. 

Rebecca Katz on What It Means for a Workplace to Be Feminist
“That’s when I learned what a feminist environment was. What it meant to be in a group of women who support each other, who lift each other up, who support and drive each other to be better.”

Elizabeth Mandel on Embracing Judaism and Feminism
“When I was growing up in the 1970’s, my mother, like so many women of her generation, didn’t finish college, stayed home when her three daughters were small, later worked part time as my father’s assistant in his medical office, and then, when we were in middle school, went back to school to finish her college degree, got her Master’s in international affairs and went on to a successful and inspiring career. She was—is—strong and determined, a role model for me and for my sisters—but, also like so many women of her time, she insisted that she was not a feminist. 

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February 10, 2017 by

Recipes for Solace


There are many ways to respond to our current political moment—phoning your representatives, protesting at airports, screaming into a pillow. But sometimes, we just need to decompress and eat comfort food. Here, four Lilith contributors share what they cook up when in need of emotional sustenance. Have your own recipe for solace? Tell us about it at

When I had my first inklings on election night of what the outcome was going to be, I abandoned the TV in my living room for my kitchen and made myself pancakes to sustain me to watch through to the bitter end.

Here’s the current iteration of my Whole Grain Pancakes. (more…)

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January 23, 2017 by

The Women’s Marches: A Special Digital Section

bannersReconnecting in D.C.—after 40 Years
In her twenties, they all lived together in a communal house in the District. Now, four decades later, they (and their landlord) are reunited in the nation’s capital. 

Jewish Feminists Report Back from 18 Marches 
From Anchorage to London. 

A Rabbi’s Benediction from Sedona, Arizona
Sedona! Verde Valley! Hundreds turned out. 

At Columbus Circle, January 19, 2017
Two nights before. A dispatch from a college student. 

“Bring Your Teaspoon”
A rousing speech delivered by Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

A Picture is Worth 1000 words
Photographs submitted by readers from Women’s Marches around the United States. 



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Live from the Lilith Blog

January 17, 2017 by

Lilith Magazine at Women’s March

Photo Credit: Shira Gorelick.

Photo Credit: Shira Gorelick.

Lilith magazine—independent, Jewish & frankly feminist—will be present at the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday, January 21, co-sponsoring Shabbat activities at the 6th & I Historic Synagogue in Washington the evening before the march and Saturday morning, where participants will gather to march as a Jewish cohort toward the U.S. Capitol.

In honor of this occasion, Lilith will be offering discounted subscriptions at $18 to anyone who participates in a women’s march, in Washington D.C. or in cities around the world. For further information, email

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