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December 15, 2017 by

Ode to the New Year’s Tree

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  • Dara

    Fantastic information and illustrations! To think all these years my family has been missing out!

  • Miriam Bat-Ami

    This is a wonderful article. So informative. My new daughter-in-law is Christian. I have wondered about the tree. Their wedding this fall was completely secular with a guy who was ordained via the Internet. I think some members of both sides of the family missed traditional symbols and ceremonies. I must admit that I was relieved. Now, this Christmas they are off to Patagonia for a honeymoon, and no one seems to be exchanging cards or gifts. I am more than glad to partake in Christmas present giving but would also like even a FB or text message Chanukah greeting in exchange. I’ve received so many from friends. No doubt, this is an oversight and meant as no slight at all. I really like this new addition to our family. Navigating customs at this time of year is so hard. I totally embrace the New Year’s tree and have often sighed because I am surrounded by barren pines who long for decoration during the cold and dark of winter. I will share this with my Jewish friend who is like my sister. For years she has celebrated Chanukah and Christmas. Her husband has never been all that happy about it. Her son just bought the biggest of trees which they both decorated with glee. Yes, navigating the waters can be a very tricky thing, and a lovely New Year’s tree adds to it, but, if there is any times it’s right now that we celebrate diversity and an openness to new traditions.

  • ConnieHinesDorothyProvine

    My family puts up a tree every year and calls it a secular tree.

  • Rick Bogan

    Total drivel and silliness!. And I could do without the f*** word.